About Horizon Sports Club

Learn more about our passion for empowering young people of all abilities and the history and values that drive us at Horizon Sports Club.

Our history

The creation of Horizon Sports Club was fuelled by the 1996 Paralympics in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA.

In 2002 we were registered as a charity and everything you see today was created by volunteers and is still maintained through the efforts of our dedicated volunteer network. 

The club is continually evolving to ensure we meet the needs of our members. We are committed to delivering accessible sessions with the correct levels of support for each member as an individual.

Throughout the years and throughout our many changes Horizon Sports Club has never lost the essence of its core values: we enable young people with disabilities to enjoy sport, offering specialist coaching with a high level of support.  We keep our values at the heart of everything we do.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and to those that continue to ensure that our unique specialist sports club is available to those children and young people who need it. 

For more information please contact Kirsty Kyson our Operations Manager on

07751 252359 or email info@horizonsportsclub.org.uk

About Horizon Sports Club

Horizon is a specialist, fully inclusive sports club for children (aged 4 and above) and young adults of all abilities. We are passionate about enabling our members to participate in and enjoy sports.

Available sports include: a range of ball skills sessions to help develop co-ordination particularly for our younger members who then move onto badminton, cricket,football and tennis depending upon their interests; and swimming which is hugely popular. We are always keen to offer different sports to expand the range on offer. 

Each member has a volunteer coaching assistant who works alongside the Coach to support the member. If needed we can provide more than one coaching assistant.  


By engaging young people in sports and physical activities, Horizon Sports Club helps them develop social skills, build confidence, and have fun in a supportive and inclusive environment.


By challenging children to push beyond their perceived limitations, Horizon Sports Club helps them develop resilience, determination, and a sense of accomplishment that can carry over into other areas of their lives.


By inspiring children with disabilities to believe in themselves and their abilities, Horizon Sports Club helps them develop a positive self-image, a sense of purpose, and a vision for their future.


By motivating children to set goals and work towards them, Horizon Sports Club helps them develop a growth mindset, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility for their own success.


By helping children with disabilities achieve their goals and reach their full potential, Horizon Sports Club helps them develop a sense of pride, confidence, and competence that can positively impact all aspects of their lives.


Each class is run by a friendly coach trained in each sporting discipline and classes are held in fully accessible venues during term time. 

Our coaches are supported by a team of volunteers from local schools. We have older volunteers who are a fantastic asset as they bring life experiences which benefit our members and younger volunteers.  

Qualified Life Guards attend our swimming classes just as they would at a public session. 

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more or to find out how we can include your child.

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