How to Sponsor Us

Join us in empowering children with disabilities by becoming a valued sponsor of Horizon Sports Club and supporting our programs and services.

Why sponsor Horizon Sports Club?

Although members pay a termly fee we aim to keep this to a minimum to ensure the widest possible access to sports. Two-thirds of the running costs are met through grant applications, sponsorship and fundraising. The Club needs at least £40,000 per annum. We do not receive public funding other than through the competitive grant application process. YOUR support is therefore important to the Club.

What sort of sponsorship is needed?

Like many charities we rely heavily on volunteers however there are certain unavoidable costs running a Club like Horizon. These key costs ensure that we can run all of our classes safely and to the highest standards.

Club essentials

Raising the profile of your business

The Club would be delighted to hear from any local businesses who would like to sponsor us for an on-going period e.g. a year or more as this provides stability and certainty. This could be sponsoring any of our Club ‘essentials’ outlined above or one of our classes shown below. If you would like to discuss a sponsorship do get in touch at

Golf Days, quiz nights and dinners are great ways to fundraise and are very helpful to the Club as a way of raising awareness of what we do and why it matters.

Why not sponsor one of our classes?

Horizon runs a range of classes aimed at different ages and reflecting the abilities of the individual member. They include:

The Club is continuously reviewing its classes and one of the most recent additions is Dance.