Our Supporters

The Royal Grammar School

The Royal Grammar School was the first school we approached in 1998 when planning Horizon. We have received their lasting support over the years. The school believes that the volunteering their students do is of great value to them, especially if their futures are medicine or teaching related, and a worthy community commitment too. 



Wycombe Abbey School

Wycombe Abbey offered their 25 metre pool to us when we developed Horizon’s senior section. Every year their students volunteer to help progress our swimmers. Wycombe Abbey girls not only volunteer their time, but fundraise each year for Horizon. The whole school support us, we could not hold a senior swimming section without their kind generosity.



Wycombe High School

Wycombe High is a school that supports many programmes in the community, but has supported Horizon since 1998. The Head, and Year Heads are aware that volunteering is a natural part of the girls’ citizenship programme. Horizon presents to the girls each Spring term. Follow on training and shadowing outgoing students takes place in the Summer term for the volunteers starting in Autumn. The school has fundraised a fantastic amount for Horizon for which we are greatly appreciative.



John Hampden Grammar School

The John Hampden Grammar School have supported Horizon since it’s beginnings in 1998. They believe their students volunteering to help our members is of great value to them, and the community. Year Heads and Tutors offer us facility to present to year 11s each Spring term in order to follow through shadowing ‘old students’ in the Summer term before starting in Autumn.



Highcrest Academy

The Academy is the latest school to support the Club. Not only does the school provide a venue, there are also students from the school volunteering. 

December 2021


 Due to the current impact of Covid19 we have reluctantly taken the decision to close our classes earlier than usual. We will, of course announce the new term dates as soon as we are able to do so. In the meantime, please enjoy a safe festive season.