Who’s Who & What They Do




Mrs Lesley Clarke OBE – Chair

Jan Graves – Treasurer

Hilda Stearn – Fundraising & Social Media

Roger Pantridge – Student Volunteers

Alyson Lockley – Marketing

Operations Manager

Kirsty Middleton

Lead Coaches

Chris Burnard

Emin Ates

Sarah New

COVID 19 - update

The Autumn timebable has now bee published and we are delighted to welcome members back. 

We are delighted to be able to offer the following classes starting in September. Please note that if Government advice on the pandemic changes this may result in classes being cancelled. The trustees are hoping that this will not happen however we will contact members parents/carers at the earliest opportunity should the timetable be affected 

For further information please contact Kirsty Middleton, Horizon Sports Club Operations Manager.