Following the recent coverage in the media regarding the spread of Covid-19 (Corona virus), we thought it would be helpful to update you on our response and to share some thoughts.

It’s important to try to get the right balance between under-reacting (and pretending that the virus isn’t happening), and over-reacting (and allowing it to control our lives).

In terms of our approach it is as follows:

If a member informs us that they have been in contact with a possible sufferer from, or contact a person exposed to corona virus, which has yet to be diagnosed, they should NOT attend the class until the diagnosis is known.

• The parent/carer should call 111 to let the health services know of the potential risk.

• If the diagnosis is negative then they can resume their attendance.

• If the diagnosis is positive then they should not attend for a minimum of 14 days from point of contact.

• HSC must be notified immediately of a positive diagnosis so that class members’ parent/carer, coaches, volunteers and the venue can be altered to the potential risk.

If the member has attended any HSC before a diagnosis is known then all members of the class must be informed of the potential risk.

• A call should also be made to the 111 service to notify of the potential risk.

• HSC will alter class members’ parents/carers, coaches, volunteers and the venue of the potential risk.

If a member contracts the virus, the parent/Carer MUST inform HSC as soon practically possible so that the appropriate action can be taken.

• The infected member should not return until certified that they are clear of the virus by a qualified medical practitioner.

HSC will notify class members’ parents/carers, coaches, volunteers and the venue of the diagnosis.


We are continuing to closely monitor the latest guidance issued by the Government and the NHS using the links in the Further Guidance below and how it relates to our activities, and we will let you know if anything changes.

We should all keep ourselves informed using the links above and avoid consulting less helpful, less balanced sources of information – there is a lot of misinformation and rumour that can cause fear and panic. We are not to be ruled by fear.

Do follow the hygiene and containment advice on the NHS site.
I hope this has been helpful, and we will update you if anything changes.

Further advice

Government: ( ) National Health Service: ( )


If you have any queries relating to Horizon Sports Club please contact the Operations Manager, Kirsty Middleton (07751252359) in the first instance.

Lesley Clarke

Lesley Clarke OBE Chairman
Horizon Sports Club 12 March 2020